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This blog is about creating space. In particular, the space art that I create and the spacey things that inspire, delight, amuse and bemuse me. I’m Dave Ginsberg, the artist behind Pixel Planet Pictures.

Dave Ginsberg at Spacefest X, 2019, photo credit: Dan Durda
Dave Ginsberg at Spacefest X, 2019, photo credit: Dan Durda

I will be sharing space artwork created by me and that of other artists that inspire me, information about art shows and events, giving sneak peeks at works in progress, and revealing behind the scenes “making of” features. I have had a few pieces of art flown in space and I will share those stories, too.

I hold a fascination with a special segment of space art that I call “blunders”. I will share commentary on artwork from the early days of the space age when they didn’t quite get things right. There will be examples of cloudless Earths, inconsistent lighting, mangled lunar modules, and misrepresented space shuttles. There may also be a hidden message or two revealed in some works of space art.

I am the curator of an extensive collection of space art, space books, period contractor models, model kits, toys and games. There are dozens of interesting objects to exhibit. As my collection continues to grow over time, I will share my latest acquisitions and tell you about some of the items on my wish list.

If you are a Space Geek like me, who has an interest in art, books, and collectibles relating to spaceflight history and exploration, I hope you will find enjoyment in the upcoming writings and imagery.


Creating Space has experienced a platform realignment. I’ve moved this blog over to Substack.

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Creating Space logo. Copyright © Dave Ginsberg.
Creating Space logo. Copyright © Dave Ginsberg.

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    Congrats on your new blog! It’s outta this world.

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